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The independent exhibition at a Japanese historical museum "Hinjitsukan" in Ise city Mie, on 2021



 Most of the people living in Japan believe that Gods dewell in all of nature.  The nature includes not only people but also stars, mountains, trees, seas, fish, and even small pebbles on a road.  We feel and respect "mystery of life" in them.  That's the symbol of ISE JINGU, which is located in Ise city, Mie, where I was born and raised.  ISE JINGU has always been fresh with nature for over 1,500 years, with her shrine buildings being reconstructed every 20 years using the trees grown in her forests.  This means that ISE JINGU has long been practicing SDGs, which is what modern society needs right now. 

 I feel "mystery of life" in barks of giant trees grown in nature in ISE JINGU, would like to trace it into a work and convey it to people and I've started to create my works called "JYUKAN" series.  I faithfully paint barks of giant trees with oil paints on curved veneer boards, which are generally called "relief".  That's how my works are expressed.




















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